Hawk Denno


Hello!  My name is Hawk and I’m the goofball behind ificlick photo.  Thanks so much for taking a moment to stop by and look around!

Ificlick is a way of looking at things and is how I learn about life.  I’ve been taught through life by teachers, friends, coworkers and complete strangers how to do many things, but I’ve always learned the most through my own personal experiences and through experimenting.  I know how things are supposed to be done, but I always find myself asking “What if  I turn this way?  What if I climb up there?  What if I click on that?”  I fell in love with photography at a young age.  My Portuguese grandfather would always have a camera with him and I loved looking through his old photos, trying to figure out the stories behind the people and places in the photos.  I love the stories a photo can tell.  Maybe it’s a simple story.  Maybe there’s more to the story than what you first see.  Maybe there was no story at all, just a random accident, but in the image everyone sees their own story.  That’s the idea behind ificlick.  What happens when you click could be different than when I click. Some more about me… I’ve been in the graphic design, printing and advertising industry since the mid 90′s and I love the creative outlet and fast pace of deadlines.  I love music!  I play drums but I can make music come out of anything.  I used to be an outdoor adventure guide in Las Vegas and I make a mean peach cobbler in a dutch oven over a fire.  I love living in Northern California near the beach and the mountains.  I’m a proud Portuguese, Native American, Irish, French-Canadian mutt!  I love wine.  I love stinky soft cheeses.  I’m a huge racing fan, especially Karting, Rally and Formula 1.  My father was a truck driver and a mechanic so I can pull triples with a tractor trailer and show you how to sync the stromberg carburetors on a ’72 MG Midget.

Most of all, I enjoy meeting new people and having fun and I look forward to meeting you!

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